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2019 Launch

They have launched! After a long 9 months of creation and ideas, Affirmation Cards For Kids are live! After a limited amount available these sold out within 3 weeks! 

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Affirmation Cards For Kids help tackle negative mindset, negative speech and actions.

In a world where we are more aware of the importance of positive mindsets and wellbeing than ever before, it is important we know HOW to raise the resilience and confidence of children (and adults) in today’s world.

What’s in the box?

  • 52 beautifully designed colourful cards
  • 51 positive words with a unique affirmation on each
  • 1 blank card to create your own
  • A how-to booklet which also contains a further 704 positive words to help broaden children’s language
  • And… they’re bilingual (Welsh and English)
  • Beat the Bullies and Raise Resilience!